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Restaurants – How to treat your Customers?

Its been a question for many restaurant owners that how to treat our customers so as to retain them, to make them convince to come again and again to us only, to see a smile on their face when they leave our eatery house.
Factually, people in restaurants come to spend some good time with their family, friends, kids, loved ones, clients etc. Giving them good experience at your eatery house will make them happier. This good experience hold by admitting  3 Restaurant Constructs viz.
i. Tasty Food, ii. Great Ambiance, iii. Meeting Service Expectations.

Here, my focus is on third point i.e. Meeting customer’s service expectations. A good customer will not look for much except ideal service constituents. These constituents may differ from customer to customer. Then how to identify which customers are to be treated in which way? For this follow some steps:

1. Try to categorize your customers on basis of their group, age, gender. for example, is customer with family, friends, formal clients or kids, or girls group, boys group bla bla bla..
2. If they are in for a formal meeting, then for sure they will not entertain much of your suggestions about food. If there are youngsters friends, you can suggest them new introduced dishes, beverage items, even combo offers & deals. If there are kids with family, give them special attention. Girls group will like some healthy food suggestions. Boys groups will live drinks suggestions. In all, show them its the place where they get what they want. This is all about offering them menu.
3. In spare of these, there are some etiquettes and manners which will add on in your services and they are:
– Be attentive to remember who has ordered which item and pro-actively serve before someone claims for it
– Offer some complementary desserts to your regular customers to retain them
– Welcome each guest of a group individually even a kid and show them a way to their table
– Be quick & responsive if they are calling you
– Follow all formal table manners like arrangement of tablewares plates & cutlery, offering chairs when they are about to sit, serving water in clean glasses etc.
– Lets not wait them for billing formalities, tablewares, water these should be all time accessible to them quickly
– Always keep an eye if they are looking for something like way to sink or restrooms and guide them

I am sure this will help you for better customer treatment and above all, Fast Service is so important for customers today as time is money. So value customer’s time. Also try iTabMenu to make your services better in terms of impressing customers with awesome menu designs, fast services. Reduce your time investment in menu management activities and invest it in implementing more customer and sales oriented strategies.

Good luck!

Best Practices – Customer Service

Restaurants are the most sensitive and frequent when we talk about Customer Services. We conducted a survey among people who are frequent restaurant customers. We drew some conclusions about what are the factors to which restaurant customers never compromise with. There are many things which depends on individual perception but still there are some common abstract wants of customers which force them to choose a restaurant and rate it among top 5 of their choices.

1. A fresh clean and advanced ambiance
2. Technological advancements
3. Response of service man for their entries
4. Attentiveness on their queries
5. Of-course quality and taste of nourishment available viz. dishes, recipes, beverages

Well, about the 1., 3. and 5., they are achievable. The challenges are 2. and 4. How will you be sure as a restaurant owner that you are one step ahead from lower brands and quite equivalent to top brands? It’s not that easy to analyse your services on practical grounds by going table to table and watch how your waiters will respond to your customer’s queries. You have to invest time in training waiters about menu item details, ingredients, communication etc. How about separating waiters from menu description job by introducing and achieving our Point 2. that is technological advancement. Which means converting the menu in digital form with recipe images, descriptions, orders, up-selling. By doing this your waiters will be less bothered in remembering the menu and will focus on fast services and quick responses to each table/ customer.

Electronic menu
Tablets in Restaurants improves services

Here are some accessories to decorate your customer services:

a)  Do ask for Customer Feedback
b) Use Social Media to enhance Customer Service
c) Be responsible and responsive
d) Play around with your menus – The menu should always have some thing new offers/ deals, combos which can be modified easily and frequently. They actually fascinate the customers
e) Always Follow Up on Customer’s problems

Good Luck!

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