Order Display/ Operation Control

Automate Order Placement and Service

Order Display/ Operation Control - An ease of management

Imagine restaurants where your guests’ orders can be directly sent to the kitchen, the bar or the bakery almost instantly! This is what Order Display and Operation Control enables. Order Display is a LCD screen module for the Kitchen that can be customized to fit space and budget. Operation Control is a single screen Dashboard that lets you track and control all operation flows.

Order Display

Orders placed by the iTabMenu (tablet based electronic menu) can be configured to instantly redirect the orders to their appropriate preparation locations e.g. the Kitchen/Bar/Bakery etc. On the broader side, Order Display intends to displaying the order feed in a remote screen placed inside the kitchen/bar/bakery. The main purpose of this screen is to minimise the double handling of orders.

This “parking system of orders directly into the kitchen” has many advantages other than being a giant leap in the work-flow of restaurant operations.

  1. Reduces time lag between the guests deciding what they want and the information being relayed

  2. No more manual process of taking down the order and keeping track

  3. Controllable from a smart device - mark orders as “In Progress” or “Ready”

  4. Get an instant overview of the placed orders increasing team efficiency

  5. Read special requests of the customer which is sent by the customer using the iTabMenu - Tablet Menu - making sure special requests are not lost in translation

Where does it sit?

There are many configurations for this. The easiest one is to have a decent sized Touch-screen LCD monitor (say 19 inch) be placed in the kitchen at a convenient location. Incoming orders can be monitored and handed out appropriately. Another configuration is to have it on a large TV sized LCD in over hanging position so that everyone can easily glance at it. This can then be controlled by a wireless keyboard-trackpad combo or by a Smart Server device. In yet another configuration, incoming order information can be split apart into multiple Tablets which are conveniently located with chefs. Configuration possibilities are endless, and if you are an Enterprise customer, we may even do customized configurations as per needs.

Operation Control

Sometimes, accommodating large orders and their fulfilment becomes a challenge for manager. This module “Tracking system of orders” allows a Restaurant Manager to view all the Orders summaries and actively influence them to control the flow of items. This is a core module for most setups and will soon become an indispensable part of their daily restaurant operation. This also allows for Table Management by being able to mark tables as vacant or occupied. Also a Manager can judge from the Operation Control screen which tables have just started and which ones are close to being vacant soon.

  1. Gives a full perspective of items being ordered and served

  2. Gives a full perspective of tables being served

  3. Accessible from anywhere as per security settings

  4. Forms a centerpiece for the eRestro suite of products

  5. Eliminate ordering errors due to miss-communication reducing both waste and costs

Where does it sit?
In most places this would sit right next to your PoS, but that all depends on your layout. As a thumb-rule, this should sit where the Restaurant Manager can keep a tab on it. This has to be easily viewable.

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